If you are having problems viewing this site

You may need to allow Active X Controls and Plug-Ins

In Internet Explorer this can be done very easily by going to the Tools menu on the Menu Bar at the top of the Browser

Click on

Internet Options/Security

Click on the "Internet Zone" icon

then the Custom button

at this point you can change the setting to Medium then click the Reset Button and exit out.

At this point you can Refresh the page and everything should be working.

Or if you dont want to lower all your Security Settings you can just click on the Custom Button and scroll down the list and find the ActiveX Control settings and click the box for "Run Active X and Plug-Ins"

Now just save settings and exit out and Refesh the page.

Another option for users who dont want to lower any of their Security Settings.

Just Click on the "Trusted Sites" Icon in the Security menu and add


to your Trusted Sites List.

For other Browsers just check their help files for "Running Active X Controls and Plug-ins"