Diamond Marine Lightweight Outboard Flywheel

Ultra-Lightweight Flywheels

Our Lightweight Flywheels have become so successful because of the way that we take the weight off. Concentrating on taking as much rotating mass from the outer diameter of the flywheel, making the acceleration response even more effective than other flywheels of the same weight. Upon close inspection you will see that the flexplate diameter has been greatly reduced along with the corresponding area of the flywheel. The ring gear and flexplate are bolted separately to the flywheel with very short bolts that provide a further weight savings as well as ending the problems encountered by other style lightened flywheels. Notice that our scalloped flexplate design while reducing weight also drives the flywheel making it impossible for the flexplate to rotate, taking the entire load off of the bolts. All surfaces are CNC Machined and then receive a final Dynamic Balancing to within .25 grams. They are available for both left and right hand applications. We also recommend our Blanchard Ground Ring Gears, which are .125” thick for all 12-volt starter applications and stock thickness for all 24- volt-starting applications. We have been building this race proven design for over 9 years and have paid out in excess of $9,500 in our Race Contingency Programs. Our Lightweight Flywheels have literally won countless amounts of races by most of the top pro racer’s worldwide, making the Diamond Marine Flywheel the standard of the industry. If you rev your motor over 8,500 rpm this is one of the few Hi-Performance modifications that you can make that will actually increase your performance while adding to your motors reliability.

Put one on your boat today, and feel the difference!

Light Weight Flywheel Close-Up of Detail
Light Weight Flywheel Top View
Diamond Flywheel Being Lightened
Run Of Lightweight Outboard Flywheels