Performance 2.5 liter Tuner

Performance 2.5 Liter Tuner
This Tuner produces a great compromise of LOW END, MID RANGE and TOP END horsepower. It is made from mild steel Tig welded construction, which is then Ceramic coated to hold in heat and make it corrosion resistant for a lifetime . The final assembly process bolts the tuner to the exhaust adapter together using 12 point ARP stainless steel 170,000 psi bolts that are then safety wired to make a bulletproof combination.
Typical Horsepower gains for a 2.5 Drag would be 3-5 Hp for a 2.5 280 Offshore 5-7 Hp and a 2.5 260 would range from 7-10.
They work equally well on single as well as Offshore twin and triple engine applications.
Price is $675. We will need your Exhaust adapter sent to us for welding, porting, machining and final assembly. This is not a bolt on replacement; there is a substantial amount of work involved in this.